Saturday, February 18, 2012

Karaoke time..!!

heyy.. enjoy this video okay..!! hehe.. sore x r sdap mne n it is pitchy ckit.. wagahaha.. so jgn glak g.. hhehe

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Apam Polkadot + Trifle Cream Cheese + Ikan Tenggiri Masak Asam Pedas = A Day..!

hey wassup uollss...

lame dah x update blog nih..!! so here a little bit awkward to post new entry in my bl0g.. hehe..

so today is 14 of February 2012 which means i should get my Apam Polkadot n i've got it..

jgn jeles ye kengkorang..!! wpon x mnepati sprti ape yg dijangke kan but it is nice laaa...!!

klu korg nak menempah k pe k just klik at sume ade kat dlm tu n now uollss bleh dpt discount lg okay..!!

these are the pictures of wut i've got...

then, i've prepared cards for everyone that know me in Yeo Lim & Co. which my internship been held..!

hehehe... but x tau nk tlis pe...

ok now i wanna thank a lot to everyone that helped me during my internship program...

this is ape yg termampu that i can give 2 all off u..!!

luv ya 4eva..!!

today second task is trifle cream cheese..!! sgt sdap okehhh..!!

nak resepi? just pm me ur email address k..!! hahaha

this is the picture of it..!! luving it..!!

hahaha..!! nyum2x... cheese mmg my fav 4eva..!!

last but not least my asam pedas..!!


wpon my asam pedas cair but sgt sdap okehhh..!! nakk?? mai laaaa..!! lalala

so here is about 3 in 1..!! 3 tasks in a day..!! 


any idea for next entry just comment below k..!! luv uollss cz i've been born this way..!!

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