Thursday, February 10, 2011

Updating and summarizing the session 1 PBL (AIS 630)

Assalamualaikum. I m here to updating and summarizing what I have learn in PBL session 1 which is referred to the 1st event called management meeting. As I have summarizing about the problem happened in this meeting before (in previous post) I know that this event is more on 1st phase on System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) which is planning. But 1st of all I need to say that I am very happy with this PBL in this semester. I can coop with my group member very well. They are Zafran and Emil and we are comfortable with all of our work as a group. I know that work in a group is actually difficult if we cannot give and take with one and another.
Disappointment is actually clear in my face and also En Azmi’s because he had said that this PBL still not the best yet. Not only that, he also said our presentation is not good enough. Hmm I should do something on that and plus when our group is not one of the best presenters especially our power point. Maybe our power point presentation is so simple but what I need is all of my friend will understand what had we done on that day especially on my group question which is question 2.
So let we talk about 1st meeting for this PBL. We had started to find all of the need from the question. At this time, we are still in doubt with what we had done. So, we just do what the questions want but the answers maybe wrong and maybe right. Before that we had our 2nd meeting for this 1st PBL. We are having no class for this 2nd meeting but we need to do as required within group members. At this time we had discussed what the job is for every single group members. So then, we are going for the last meeting which is 3rd meeting. At this point, we are discussing among us and also we had asking En Azmi about our question. We are very clear with what he had told us. He said that he doesn’t want to give the answer towards questions given to him but he will asked back to us. This is for our benefits too which we can understand well with the questions.
After that, we have the mid – semester break which is for Chinese New Year. All of us are doing great on our own job individually because we are having no time to spend together on doing this work. All answered have been clearly done and edited in this Chinese New Year. This is followed with the power point presentation. We are emailing each other to get confirmation about what we had done. There is no pressure on doing this project and what we need is doing better on this PBL rather than last semester’s PBL.
Satisfaction is achieved but as I had mentioned before, there is a little bit of disappointment but it is okay to take all of the comments as a guide to be better in other PBL after this. InsyaAllah.
Actually, the questions no 1, 2 and 3 is not that difficult because this questions need the information that is in general and the answer also clear stated in the books that had we read as our references. Then, the question 4 of this PBL is started make me dizzy. I had ask our friends in other campuses and they are also wrong and don’t know the answer is. So then we had our own idea and we got the answer and hoping that the answer is correct. After that, we have question 5 that is about Gantt chart. The information is more at other additional references which for example is found it in the internet (Wikipedia). For questions no 6, 7 and 8, the answers also clearly stated and easy for us as group to do our job.
Lastly, I want to say that I am totally like this 1st PBL which is make me and others class members know about what have we learn in class. So, InsyaAllah we ‘Pujaan Malaya’ group will do the best in future with better PBL. Hope that we can maintain this entire attitude as a group. Amin…


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