Friday, June 10, 2011

girls be aware n enjoy this...

19 typical excuses to why the hijab shouldn't be worn...

1. don't feel beautiful?

2. feel insecure without ur curls?

3. too young n not ready?

4. not mandatory?

5. can't feel oppressed? need 2 live ur life 2 the fullest?

6. can't stay committed 2 it?

7. ur mom don't let u wear it?

8. don't feel stylish enough?

9. nobody will marry u?

10. ur frens will judge u?

11. nobody will respect u?

12. nobody will recognize u?

13. u'll be nobody?

14. they won't allow it where u works?

15. feel hot?

16. they'll call u a terrorist?

17. modesty begins from within?

18. it's not like hijab is still practise today?

19. why wear a hijab?

all these questions been answered in this video.. hope u like it n enjoy...

for me there are actually a lot of questions will appear in ur mind about hijab but i m not that good to talk bout it n hope one of ur questions is answered in this video...

whatever it is Allah is always seeing u in every second...

i just want to share with uolls n this is becoz i've been born this way...


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