Thursday, July 19, 2012


hai kengkawan.. arini ari khamis 19th july 2012 n i had my interview session for the 2nd time at the 2nd company... fuhh sgt mendebarkan.. debar keww..?? hehe.. actually xde laa debar sgt cume nak jwb ape yg ditye tu je yg membuatkan aku demam panas.. hehe.. simple je soklan die bagi but ye r org yg x fluent english ni mybe berterabur gak laaa.. hehe.. 

1st day ritu company investment n offer a very good salary but tkot laa investment bagai nih.. hehehe.. next week ade training die seminggu but xtntu lg aku dpt.. xtau nk g ke x.. sok i should give the answer either i wanna go for it or not.. hmmm scary yawllss.. then td company sales plak.. bgus sgt dorg convinced aku td but i dont feel that these 2 different company will giving me a better future not bcoz i m the bachelor in accounting  holder but becoz i dont feel that it is me.. hehehe.. 

<1stday - tuesday 17july2012 - financial investment executive>

memilih sgt but yeah aku xnak tersilap pilih kerje cz nnt aku x wat kerje tu leklok plak.. hmm.. tkotnye ngan reality..!!! so sok aku kne bg kedue2 company ni kputusan either aku nk or x nk n give some reasons for it.. scary nye..  so now i got it that be4 we want to get hired with some company in certain position, we should know the responsibility n job description 1st not just simply apply for the job k.. these are the tips that i m giving 2 all of candidates out there.. hehe.. 

soklan yg selalu di tnye explain urself and about ur family, what do u know about our company? y r u interested to involve in this company? how much ur expected salary? ur weakness n strength.. what is ur goal? haaaa.. ni diantarenye laaa... fikir2kan laaa k.. byak ape yg blaja kat program di sediakan di UiTM dlu include in this situations.. so take my advice yew n do make some research before come for the interview session.. 

<2nd day - thursday 19july2012 - corporate sales executive>

lastly keep ur resume updated n ur certificate.. jgn dtg lmbt for the interview k.. just enjoy the interview n u can give a good answers for every questions given.. dadaa..!! be ur self n ive been my self as i have been born this way.. 


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