Saturday, September 22, 2012


hmm... 1st of all i just wanna say halo to all my blogwalker and who willing to read my blog... 

even i have not much followers but i m still feeling great..! hehe.. 

ok let me write as simple as i can for this topic okay..!

i m an outspoken person who will always takes everything for real...

means that wat i've learn is wat i m saying n not make it as secret forever..

maybe secrets are also important to be kept just with who we need to share or just only be in our own mind..

secrets also need to keep the relationship stay longer..

but secret also will ruin the relationship if it is too much..

if the secrets are now leaks, u r in trouble..!

hmmm i m a person who dont like to be a fren of who ever outside there that have secrets just to be my fren..

it is cruel..!

so wat i wanna say that secret can be as sweet as honey n can be bitter as wormwood..

just wanna share n let u readers know this k..!! plz think b4 u do something.. tq..

i m who i m becoz i've been born this way..!


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